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Sailing Antigua is a local, family run business that hopes to show guests an authentic Caribbean sailing experience filled with interesting information and insight into how sailing up and down the Caribbean evolved to what it is today. Our wooden yachts are built traditionally by families who have been producing boats in the same design and construction methods for two hundred years. The vessels have always had two main design requirements which were that they had to be very fast and to be able to carry plenty of weight comfortably. They are amazing yachts to sail and are so comfortable here in the Caribbean where the trade winds keep you cool and your sails full. Sailing a wooden yacht designed and build in the Caribbean is something very special.

Learn more about sailing and take part in as much or as little of the sailing as you like while stopping for snorkeling and lunch on either a day trip or a private charter. Please take some time to look through this site and feel free to email or call us for more info about this tour or about our other Adventure Antigua Tours.


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