GAC Pinder Wins M32 Helsinki

The M32 Scandinavian series came to an end at Hernesaaren Ranta and it was the in form Ian Williams and his crew on board the GAC Pinder that won the Helsinki event. The rains looked like it would play spoilsport on the last day. But, luckily it cleared away just a couple of hours before the start of the finals. This was an event where the wind conditions were perfect for sailing on all the three race days.

The dominance of Ian Williams and his crew on GAC Pinder came to an end on the final day as Typhoon X Racing won the closing day at Hernesaaren Ranta. The light and flukier breeze made it a thrilling day for the Helsinki audiences to enjoy an even racing on the last day. All the four teams that competed notched up a win on the last day. Sadly, first time racing team Artemis Youth racing had to sit out of the final day’s rice due to damage in the rudder.

The last two double point races had lots of thrills on offer because of the close finishes. In the second last race, Ian Williams had to forgo his 2 point advantage to Holmberg. Williams did overtake on the finish line of the regatta but had to accept a second place finish. His team was victorious on the first two days in Helsinki, and took home the prize of a week’s Dubrovnik Yacht Charter.

The overall victory over the three days in Helsinki meant that the Britons had a very good 22 point victory over arch rival Holmberg and his Swedish team. The second lace and the third place were grabbed by the Swedish team. The GAC Pinder and Ian Williams will now be heading into the final event of the Scandinavian series to be held in Stockholm. He has a healthy lead of five points over Dackhammar.

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