According to Nikolay Yevmenov, There Will Be More Sailing And Shooting For Fleet Of North

The year 2018 has been full of exercises, Nikolay Yevmenov; the Commander of Northern Fleet underlined this while summing up 2018. For the military, the year 2018 has been full of events and preparedness for the operation. The Head Commander of fleet underlined this on 14th December when he gets face to face with journalists. The admiral said, the fleet was full of strength in the year 2018 and it conducted 148 exercises total in the whole year. This year the number of rockets that have been shot are 157. This year, the military has over fulfilment the planned by 10 percent. Yevmenov underlined.

Additionally, the army spent numbers of sailing days with surface vessels and submarines are far above plans and it is about 36 and 86 percent above. This has let us prepare our crew more efficiently and resolve their missions. Underlined by commander Yevmenov highlighted the expeditionary missions of Northern Fleet especially to archipelago Novaya Zemlya as well as two main naval vessels transit voyages on the Northern Sea Route.

The commander of a powerful fleet was in the press conference did not touch issues related to major construction of bases in the Arctic archipelagos on the Laptev Sea coast. The base of Tiksi will get ready for operations at the beginning of 2019. The base will have a total of 11 buildings, and all the buildings will remain interconnected with passages that will be covered at the roof. These building will have living quarters that is for soldiers use, there will be an administrative unit along with a diesel-fueled power station. The fuel and water facilities will also be there with cantina, garages and much more. Yevmenov further added that the series of New Year exercise will be done at the Arctic, both at sea and on land.

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