What It Takes At The Squib Nationals?

The Squib Nationals that comprises of the 100 boat fleet requires special abilities in those who win this race. The Cowes has been able to stay involved with the fleet for about ten years and more and hence they have thorough knowledge of the fleet and the race. It is understood that the victor of this championship not only comes from the elite end, but has the right physical and mental abilities to win with such a fleet.

This year the victors were Jack and Nigel Grogan, who won the East Coast Championship. They are known for their tactical skills and are sail makers in their own right. Hence, they are experts in navigating through the waters and changing gears as is required with the Hyde Sails. The greatest strength comes from the wind, which blows between nine and sixteen knots.

The Cowes Week was won by the Royal Victoria YC team run by Steve Warren-Smith and Stu Rix. Their boat is a fifty year old no 13 vessel called Aquabat. There are others who have also managed well in the Squib championship over the years such as Josh Metcalf along with Mark Hogan. The boat owner is in the crewing details while the helmsman is able to keep a look out for everything else.

Other faithful sailors who have been part of the Squib race for long are the sail maker duo, Pam Phelan and Dick Batt who owns Batt Sails. Their Squib boat is known to be the oldest boat afloat. Colm Dunne is a dark horse from Kinsale of Ireland who won the Irish East Coast Championship. He is also dabbling in this competition now and learning the ropes of the trade.

There are different race classes in the Squib races and everyone will get a chance. There are eight top places to be won and it remains to be seen who they are.

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