Sail Announces Best Boat 2017

After thorough analysis of boats constructed in the year, Sail magazine announced the award of the best boat in the year 2017.

The winner of awards is Large Monohull 50 ft and above category Solaris 50, Monohull Cruising Boat Ft 40-50 Catalina 425, Large Multihull 50ft and over is Xquisite X5, Multihull Cruising Boat 40-50 Ft is a Lagoon 42, Systems Xquisite X5, Small Cruiser Seascape 24, Performance Boat under 30Ft VX-Evo, Daysailer X-Cat and Performance Boat over 30ft is J/112e.

The member of the jury team for judging 2017 best boat were sailing contributor and system specialist Nigel Calder, cruising editor of Sail, Charles J. Donane, prominent boat reviewer Tom Dove, charter editor of Sail Zuzane Prochazka and executive editor of Sail Adam Cort. The judges possess excellent understanding of sailing boats and its technicalities. After thoroughly analyzing each boat, the judges came up with these names of winner.

Executive editor of sail magazine and also one of the members of jury Adam Cort said “The winners of the best boat award for the year 2017 seem less cutting edge than last year’s winners. However, these winners have come up with a new concept and idea. The innovation radicals of boat manufacturing have gone down from the last few years still the boat manufacturers are still breaking ground either it is in the form of pioneering electrical system in boats or it the family boat that provide the speed that is good for teenagers.”

Cort said “Every year we expect something in new in sailing boats and manufactures always impress us with their new ideas and concept.”

Cort congratulated all, the winner of the 2017 Sail’s award and said “The congratulation is not only for winners of the award. But, it is for entire sail industry, for their hard and innovative work. An award like this motivates people”.

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